Staytrem bridge for Jaguar and Jazzmaster.


The saddles are based on the Mustang design without individual height adjustments, this makes the bridge more stable.
The radius is preset to match the fretboard, available sizes - 7.25" or 9.5".

E to E string spacing is 52mm instead of the standard 55mm.
This overcomes a common problem of the strings being too close to the edge of the fretboard.

On the standard bridge the height adjusting screws can vibrate loose during playing causing the bridge to drop down.
The height adjusting screws are larger than standard and have plastic bushings to prevent them from vibrating loose. Our design feature for this is also used on the Johnny Marr Jaguar and Troy Van Leeuwen Jazzmaster.

Intonation adjusting screws are hexagon and not Phillips, adjustment is easier with ball ended Allen key (included with purchase), this can also be used for the bridge height adjustment.

Another common problem with the standard bridge is that the intonation adjusting screws can vibrate loose and sometimes fall out.
This will not happen with the Staytrem bridge as the screws are held securely in place with our unique retaining discs.

All metal parts are made from stainless steel.