Important note. Please do not dismantle the pivot post assembly.
If reassembled incorrectly it will not work properly.

First set the arm to the approximate position shown.
Temporarily tighten the locking nut with the supplied spanner.

When fitting please ensure the protective plastic washer is in place.
This prevents damage to the chrome on the bridge.

Screw the unit into the bridge just like the regular tremolo arm.

Tighten firmly with the supplied spanner

To set the height of the arm slacken the locking nut with the supplied spanner, move the arm to the desired position and tighten firmly.

The pivot post assembly is preset so that the arm will not swing down when released. If over time the rotational resistance needs to be increased just turn the domed cap clockwise.
Sufficient force can be applied by hand, never use grips or this will result in damage.